Top 7 Initiatives of Charlotte 2014

1. Charlotte supports: A jobs and growth plan which returns the 9th District to robust job creation with a bold set of tax cuts and regulatory reforms that will free American entrepreneurs to invest and hire, as well as by seeking legislation to reform the Federal Reserve.
Charlotte supports: The creation of more effective transitional programs for returning vets, like after WWII.
Charlotte supports: An American energy plan which will unleash America’s full energy production potential in oil, natural gas, coal, biofuels, wind, nuclear oil shale and more, creating jobs, fueling an enduring manufacturing boom, lowering gasoline, diesel, and other energy prices, increasing government revenues, strengthening the dollar, and bolstering national security.
Charlotte supports: Unleashing growth and innovation to move Tennessee toward open entrepreneurship. By unleashing choice and the power of the market, which can dramatically expand opportunities for every person of every income level, reduce income inequality, generating even more economic growth.
Charlotte supports: Doctor and patient power to replace the Affordable Care Act. Healthcare reforms can be transformed from a bankrupting weight on our economy, from a broken, fragmented system to a coordinated, innovative system that delivers better health with more choices at lower cost for all Americans.
Charlotte supports: The 2nd Amendment. Our unalienable right to bear arms is a human right of all men and women on the planet because they deserve the right to defend themselves from those who would oppress them, exploit them, rape them, or kill them.
Charlotte supports: A commission on religious freedom which should be established to examine and document threats or impediments to religious freedom in the United States and propose steps for reaffirming and protecting the American fundamental principles of free speech and free exercise.

Urgent national security issue: Our borders must IMMEDIATELY be secured, through all means available, in order to block threatened ISIS attacks on America. Our very sovereignty and lives depend on a strong, protective force on our borders.


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